What is "out-of-house" creative team?

We are simply saying we are an extension of your team or company and will handle all your creative needs. As a partner.

We have all the needed resources and connections so that you may focus on your business.

What services do you offer?

Video production is our specialty, but we do strategy, photography, design, and marketing services such as social media management and paid ads.

Learn more here.

What types of videos do you exactly do?

Anything from branded content, commercials, corporate videos, training videos, event coverage, crowdfunding, and for fun, we love to shoot narrative films.

Do you do event videos? (Coverage at an event)

Yes we do. Take a look at our event coverage work here.

We are crowdfunding, can you help?

We are actually experts when it comes to crowdfunding. We have the results to prove it. Visit this page for more info.

Do you partner with other marketing agencies?

Yes we do! Check out this page for more info.

How much do you charge?

That all depends on what you need and your budget. A good starting point with us is $10k for a full-service video.

With that said, we can create a packages that represents your specific needs. Got something in mind? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to share an estimate.

What sets you apart from other video companies?

We're the unconventional choice. I imagine if the other companies you are looking at are "production companies," they'll do a great job. They make pretty objects. They'll come up with beautiful shots, awesome set design, incredible editing, use the same expensive equipment, and expertly use advance filming techniques. It will all be very lovely. If you want conventional results, hire them.

What we do is much more specific. We work with our clients to make them successful and solve their business goals. We work to understand the viewer, what motivates them and how they take in content. We work to make your content work for you, to increase your audience, increase your profits, & increase your reach. Anybody who has a camera can shoot. Anybody who can count to four can edit a montage.

Why is doing strategy so important?

We aren't here to sell you services that you don't need. Our Strategy Session assures that. We will dive deep into understanding your business and it's needs then create a prioritized list of deliverables that we feel are necessary for achieving business goals.

Can I have a quick strategy call?

We offer free strategy calls to help guide you in the right direction. Schedule a free strategy call here.

Interested in partnering together?

Let's chat.

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